About JOTA

JOTA is an information powerhouse that seeks to give transparency to public information, provide greater legal security to the market, and transform society through specialized, technical, impartial, and nimble journalism.

JOTA, a Brazilian information company, has become a reference for in-depth monitoring and understanding of Brazil’s governmental institutions.

JOTA takes a new approach to power, helping businesses operate in a more transparent legal field and a more predictable corporate environment. JOTA’s website receives over one million qualified readers each month on average, and our exclusive JOTA Pro information services have among their subscribers hundreds of individuals, companies, agencies and law firms that rely on our ethical, high-quality, and precise work.

JOTA was created by a group of journalists specialized in covering the Brazilian judiciary branch. At that time reporting for Brazil’s leading newspapers and magazines, JOTA’s founders realized there was a growing demand for better information, analysis and behind-the-scenes coverage of this field, which is increasingly enmeshed with Brazilian politics.

An instant success, JOTA’s founders discovered that the demand for more detailed information went far beyond the judiciary, and JOTA began covering all branches of government.

Whether you need to follow Brazilian elections closely; have a finger on the pulse of the legislature or keep up with specific bills in Congress; track judicial cases and corruption investigations; or know everything about taxes or mergers and acquisitions, JOTA has a service for you.

Since its inception, JOTA has gone from a group of five to a team of nearly 40 people, with offices in Brasília, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Washington, D.C. Guided by the public interest, a commitment to ethics and impartiality, JOTA has already become the most useful, relevant, influential, and trustworthy source of information about power in Brazil. Meet JOTA.

What JOTA does

High-quality And Timely Information Makes All The Difference To Businesses That Depend On The Decisions Made By Brazilian Institutions. That Is Why JOTA Offers A Series Of Personalized Products And Services For Every Specific Need. Our Portfolio Is Dynamic And Always Evolving. Our Goal? The Satisfaction And Loyalty Of Our Readers And Clients.

  • JOTA Power
    Real-time behind-the-scenes coverage and analysis of relevant institutional issues in the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive branches, in general terms or along specific themes
  • Alerts
    Real-time information and analysis of Brazilian institutions via instant messaging or email, as events are unfolding
  • Parliamentary Surveys
    Scientifically and statistically valid surveys to capture the opinion of House members regarding bills, proposals, and issues of national and corporate importance
  • Issue Tracking
    Customized coverage and monitoring of bills and issues selected by the client
  • Stakeholders Map
    Analysis of public data and source interviews to understand the influence and history of stakeholders and companies
  • JOTA Discusses
    Tailored multimedia editorial projects and events to shed light on relevant issues
  • JOTA.Info
    The most sophisticated and influential portal for legal news in Brazil
  • JOTA Health
    In-depth monitoring of news and backstage information at Anvisa, Brazil’s Sanitary Vigilance Agency, as well as Congress, Municipal Assemblies, and the Ministry of Health

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Felipe Recondo
Partner, Content (Chief Content Officer)

A specialist in the Federal Supreme Court, Recondo has worked for 18 years covering the judiciary, politics and economy. He worked at O Estado de S. Paulo, Folha de S. Paulo and the blog of Ricardo Noblat. Recondo won the Prêmio Esso award - the Brazilian equivalent of the Pulitzer - for the southeast of Brazil in 2012.

Fernando Mello
Partner, PRO Solutions (Chief Sales Officer)

Mello has over a decade of journalistic experience, having worked for VEJA, Folha de S. Paulo, and El País América. Fernando won the award for excellence from the Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa and the Prêmio Esso for Best Contribution in 2013 for his investigation of corruption and impunity in Brazil. He holds a Master’s degree from Georgetown University, specializing in government, and combines his work for JOTA with a researcher position at UCLA, where he is currently pursuing a PhD in Political Science and Statistics.

Laura Diniz
Partner, Business Development (Chief Development Officer)

Over a 15-year career, Diniz has worked at several of Brazil’s major news desks, including VEJA and O Estado de S. Paulo. She won the 2013 Prêmio Abril journalism award for best political coverage. Laura is also the former vice-president of the Não Aceito Corrupção (I Don’t Accept Corruption) institute and a former manager of the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism.

Felipe Seligman
Partner, Culture and People (Chief Operations Officer)

Seligman covered the Judiciary branch for 10 years for Folha de S. Paulo, Brazil’s leading newspaper. There, he focused on behind-the-scenes information. Seligman shared with Mello the award for excellence from the Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa and the Prêmio Esso for Best Contribution in 2013. Felipe currently lives in Boston where he attends the Sloan School of Management (MIT) executive MBA program.

Marc Sangarné
General Management (Chief Executive Officer)

A telecommunication engineer, Sangarné has 2 decades of experience in innovative operations and services for multinationals. He has an MBA from Insead and has worked in 12 countries.

Andrea Murta
Director, North America

Before joining JOTA, Murta was the deputy director for Latin America at the Washington D.C. think tank Atlantic Council, head of Business Intelligence - Americas at The Risk Advisory Group, and a member of PwC’s anti-corruption team. During more than 10 years of journalism, Murta was the correspondent for Folha de S.Paulo newspaper in New York and Washington, D.C. and collaborated with magazines including Veja. Murta has a Master’s degree in Democracy and Governance from Georgetown University.